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Welcome To FGindex! An Updated Resource For Fishing Games

Hello My name is Chris. I am the creator of FGindex. A website that provides updated lists of North American released retail and digital fishing games. I wanted to create a all in one fishing games information resource, that I and others could contribute to. When searching related topics online I noticed it’s really hard to find complete information lists. Most info is scattered from site to site. Not categorized or outdated. So i decided to create a simple and useful resource. Currently you will find twenty three video game console pages listed. From present to past. Each page provides a list of games released. With brief recommendations, basic information, screenshots and video gameplay. As new games are released or important information is found, FGindex will be updated. If you like this resource, please share it with others. It would help us out immensely.
Update: 05/05/2017 – Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One consoles were added to the website!

Fishing Games For Video Game Consoles

Microsoft Xbox One Sony Playstation 4 Nintendo Wii U Sony Playstation Vita
Nintendo 3DS Nintendo Wii Sony Playstation 3 Microsoft Xbox 360
Sony Playstation Portable Nintendo DS Nintendo Gamecube Microsoft Xbox
Nintendo Gameboy Advance Sony Playstation 2 SEGA Dreamcast Nintendo Gameboy Color
Nintendo 64 Sony Playstation Super Nintendo Sega Genesis Nintendo Entertainment System Atari 2600

Other Fishing Games Resources

Android Games – Google Play store has a fantastic updated list of free and paid apps you can download. Check them out if you are playing on a android phone or tablet.
Windows & Mac OS PC Games – Best place to download newer PC games. Some are free to play while others cost money. Steam store has the best updated list available online.
Flash Games Online – If you are looking to play free Adobe flash games online through your web browser using a PC or Chromebook. is my personal favorite online play website. It has emulated classic’s as well as indie developed games.
Buy Games – is by far the best place to find physical copies of games new or used. Every system is covered. Even hard to find classics can be found here for great prices.

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